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Dental Sealants

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Prevention is better than cure

Dental Sealants for a Healthy Smile in Newbury, Berkshire

Your teeth are exposed to all sorts of acidic beverages and sugary foods known to cause cavities. Now, there’s a simple way to prevent cavities from forming in the first place, so you don’t have to worry about tooth decay or scheduling appointments for fillings. Dental sealants are an easy yet effective way to protect teeth from cavities and decay. At Smile n Shine in Newbury, Berkshire, we have what it takes to help you achieve the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Our dental professionals can discuss the benefits of sealants with you, as well as the painless procedure process. Whether you’re interested in dental sealant treatments for yourself or your child, we’re committed to delivering exceptional patient care every time you visit our office. Discover a simple way to protect your teeth from unwanted cavities by scheduling an appointment with our dental team today.


What are Dental Sealants?

The surface of molars and premolar teeth often have deep grooves called fissures. These grooves are especially vulnerable to decay because food can get stuck, causing plaque to accumulate and a cavity to eventually form. Dental sealants are commonly made of composite resin, a natural-looking, tooth-coloured material placed on the chewing surface of the teeth to protect them. Sealants can also be made of a glass ionomer or polyacid resin material. Fluoride treatments are also a great way to help prevent cavities, but sealants provide superb protection for both grooved and pitted areas of the teeth.

Our Pain-Free Dental Sealant Procedure

Placing dental sealants on your teeth is easy, painless, and non-invasive, with no drilling required. The dental professionals at Smile n Shine will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove any bacteria before they’re treated and dried. They will then apply a solution that helps the sealant bond with the tooth. Finally, they will apply the sealant and allow it to harden with a curing light to form a protective coating over the tooth.

Caring for Your Sealants

Caring for your dental sealants is easy. It simply involves brushing your teeth twice daily and having regular dentist check-ups. If you continue good oral hygiene habits, your sealants should last for a long time.
Every posterior tooth has natural pits and grooves. In many individuals these pits and grooves are anatomically different and are deeper making access difficult. It may be a struggle to clean such areas which are out of reach. These deep pits and grooves are beyond the reach of a normal toothbrush. This increases the chances of developing pit and fissure cavities. But dental sealants can help make these areas shallow. By applying dental sealants, we make the deep grooves shallow enough so that they can easily be cleaned. Dental sealants are commonly known as fissure sealants.

One of the main complaints parents commonly share regarding their kids is their lack of interest in brushing teeth.Brushing improves one’s oral hygiene, thus helps to keep cavities at bay. However in some cases, it is anatomically difficult to maintain and keep teeth free from food lodgement; like teeth with deep grooves and fissures. Sealants make the deep grooves shallow enough so that it is easier to keep them clean. This helps with prevention of future cavities.

No, the procedure is extremely comfortable and completely pain free and does not involve any local anaesthetics.

The chewing surfaces of teeth are cleaned so as to make them suitable to apply the sealant. A gel is applied on the chewing surfaces. Dental sealant is applied in the deep pits and grooves. A blue curing light is exposed to the dental sealant to cure and strengthen them so that they can bear the chewing force.
Sealants work by stopping food particles and bacteria from getting trapped in the fissures of your teeth, reducing the risk of plaque accumulating and causing a cavity to form. Once applied, your sealants will also make it easier to keep your teeth clean.
Sealants are made of a thin plastic coating or composite resin, similar to the material used for fillings. They are clear or white and can usually be well-matched to the natural colour of your teeth.
While dental sealant treatments are usually offered to pediatric patients, they can be highly beneficial to both children and adults. The earlier you have sealants applied to your teeth, the better.
Sealants are made of a strong material that can last up to a decade or more when properly cared for. Over time, they will require regular maintenance, and some may need to be replaced during regular check-ups. However, studies have shown that a properly placed sealant can last as long as a typical amalgam filling. If your sealant is damaged or comes off, our dental professionals can easily repair or replace it.
Because there’s a hard coating over your teeth, food cannot get stuck between your teeth and the sealant. A barrier is created that prevents bacteria from reaching the inner tooth structure.

Request an Appointment Today for Better Oral Health

At Smile n Shine, we do much more than the average dental office. We aim to provide a top-tier experience from the moment you step into our comfortable and inviting dental practice. With a staff of world-class dentists ready to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of, we use the latest in dental technology and techniques to deliver impressive results. We’re proud to provide patients of all ages throughout Newbury, Berkshire with all the professional dental services needed under one roof. From general to cosmetic and restorative dentistry, your smile is in good hands. In addition, our 0% APR interest-free financing options make achieving good oral health more attainable than ever. Contact our office today to learn more about dental sealant treatments or request an appointment online to get started.