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Scaling & Polishing

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Teeth are always in fashion.

What is teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning consists of Scaling and Polishing. Scaling and polishing is the process of removal of dental plaque, tartar and calculus from the surfaces of teeth. Often, what we eat gets deposited on our teeth surfaces in the form of dental plaque. This plaque is to be removed with brushing. When it is not removed, it gets calcified forming a hard substance called calculus. Scaling and polishing is required to remove calculus so as to prevent / treat gum diseases.

Accumulation of calculus irritates the gums causing them to inflame. Inflamed gums get swollen, bleeding – a condition called gingivitis. Over time, the gums deteriorate further causing loss of underlying bone. Scaling and polishing removes the irritating factor, i.e. calculus thus improving and preventing deterioration of health of gums.

One should visit the dentist every six months. Dentists will advise you to get scaling and polishing done if required.
  • Prevent tooth decay – scaling removes the food/tartar accumulated on teeth preventing dental decay
  • Avoid gum diseases – gum disease is prevented by scaling and polishing
  • Remove stains – you can get rid of stains which hamper the smile
  • Prevent bad breath –calculus leads to bad breath. Scaling and polishing can get rid of bad breath