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My dentist said I need a crown. Oh! What is that ?

Dental Crowns & Bridges in Newbury, Berkshire

When you want to enhance your smile by restoring a tooth to its original shape, strengthen a tooth where a filling would be inadequate, or improve the appearance of a tooth, Smile n Shine is here to help you reclaim your confident smile with dental crowns and bridges. Whether you need a crown following a root canal treatment or have one or more missing teeth and would benefit from a bridge, we’ll do everything possible to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the entire process at our practice. Contact our office today to learn more about our dental crown and bridge treatments or schedule an appointment.


What Are Dental Crowns?

Crowns are caps that are placed over a damaged or weak tooth to protect the existing remains of the tooth. They’re often used to provide a portion of a tooth with extra protection after a patient has a root canal performed. Your crown will match the shape and colour of your other teeth for a natural look. Our dental professionals will also make an exact digital impression of the tooth that needs to be crowned for a perfect fit. A temporary crown will be put over the tooth while the permanent one is processed in the laboratory. Crowns can last for many years, depending on the health of the tooth it is covering. You can chew with temporary crowns on your teeth, but they are not as strong as the permanent ones. During your appointment for the permanent crown fit, your dentist will make adjustments to it to ensure a comfortable bite.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a fixed restorative option to restore or replace the gap caused by missing tooth/teeth. Support is taken from the existing neighboring teeth. one or more teeth can be replaced with excellent functional and aesthetic results. With careful maintenance, well-made bridges can last and remain functional for many years. Bridges are available in many varieties, but they are all a fixed solution for missing teeth that can be completed in a short time frame. Your dentist can advise you on the type of bridge you need for your teeth. Traditional, fixed bridges involve creating a crown for the tooth on either side of the missing tooth, with a false tooth in between. Adhesive bridges involve an artificial tooth supported by a metal or porcelain wing on one side, which is then bonded to the back of the teeth adjacent to the gap.

Choosing a Quality Dental Provider in Newbury

Choosing a quality dentist ensures you receive the highest level of dental care, whether you’re having your teeth professionally cleaned or getting a cavity filled. It’s important to choose a dental team that utilizes the latest treatments and technologies, providing personalized care tailored to your oral health needs. The team of dental professionals at Smile n Shine is committed to improving your oral health and how you look and feel about your smile. We’re equipped with the latest technology, skills, and ongoing education that’s necessary to give you a healthy, confident smile. All our dentists and technicians are governed by the General Dental Council and the practice as a whole by the Care Quality Commission. We do everything possible to make your dental visit comfortable and stress-free. To ensure you and your family are getting the best dental care, you should look for a dentist who will:
  • Take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions in a way you understand their meaning
  • Inform you about the best practices for oral hygiene and preventive dental care
  • Provide a comprehensive treatment plan that’s tailored to your individual needs
  • Do everything possible to provide maximum comfort throughout your visit
  • Take part in ongoing training and education to provide exceptional dental care
A dental crown is recommended in the following situations:
  • After root canal treatment
  • Extensively chipped tooth
  • Restoring a severely damaged tooth
  • A crown over a dental implant
  • Covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling
    A dental crown can be made to last longer by :
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene – It is important to maintain the areas around dental crowns. Any tooth is prone to dental caries if oral hygiene is not maintained.
  • Brushing twice daily and flossing one a day
  • Avoid eating sticky foods and hard substances with the crown.
  • Regular dental visits every 6 months.
Different types of bridges are :
  1. Traditional fixed bridges – where teeth adjacent to missing tooth / teeth are prepared to support the bridge. The bridge is a single unit consisting of the crown replacing the missing tooth / teeth and crowns placed on the supporting teeth.
  2. Maryland bonded bridges – the adjacent supporting teeth are minimally prepared to take support while replacing a missing tooth. This type of bonded bridge is recommended when a single front tooth is to be replaced. Wing-like structures are present attached to a dental crown which are then bonded to the inner surface of adjacent teeth giving support.
If you don’t replace missing teeth :
  • Hindrance in speech – Teeth are important for proper speech. In absence of teeth, speech gets affected.
  • Bone loss – bone gets resorbed giving an aged look.
  • Difficulty in chewing – chewing ability is insufficient in case of missing teeth
  • Increased pressure on remaining teeth – less teeth mean the remaining teeth have to compensate and bear the extra load.
  • Drifting of adjacent teeth – if missing teeth are not replaced for a long time, the adjacent teeth start drifting in the space available. This creates uneven chewing forces.
Your crown or bridge can be expected to last between five and 15 years or even longer, depending on how well they’re cared for during that time. Should the need for a replacement arrive, the dental professionals at Smile n Shine can redo your crown or bridge and give you another 15 or more years to enjoy your confident smile.
Your crown or bridge may feel unusual initially, but most patients get used to it after a few days. After a few weeks, you probably will not notice a difference from your natural teeth.
Both dental crowns and dental bridges are excellent options for restoring teeth that are broken, cracked, root canal treated or have lost a significant amount of structure. If you’re considering either option, it’s important to discuss your needs with our dental team. Crowns and bridges can restore the shape and appearance of your smile while protecting your teeth from further damage. If you’re interested in learning more about dental crowns or dental bridges, be sure to request an appointment with our office today.

Choose Smile n Shine for Crown & Bridge Treatments

At Smile n Shine, we can alleviate all your dental concerns at our family-friendly practice. From general dental treatment to cosmetic dentistry, our dental professionals have what it takes to give you back your confident, gleaming smile. Leveraging the latest in dental technology and methodologies, we’re committed to delivering exceptional results every time you visit our office. In addition, our 0% APR interest-free financing options make achieving optimal oral health more attainable than ever. Contact our office today to learn more about our crown and bridge dental treatments in Newbury, Berkshire and schedule an appointment.