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The foods we choose to eat make a difference

Why is oral health important?

Good oral health is not limited to good teeth only but is also a window to overall health. Good oral hygiene keeps infections at bay. Inadequate dental health hygiene can cause a significant increase in oral infections, which in turn increases the number of bacteria in the mouth. These infections can cause problems in systemically compromised patients. For example, patients with gum disease have a higher probability of developing heart problems. These issues can be avoided by maintaining good oral hygiene.

Teeth are not self- reparative, and the responsibility to maintain oral and dental health lies upon each individual . Good oral hygiene and a healthy diet are the key determinants of periodontal and teeth stability. Best dental treatments may fail if the fine balance of good oral hygiene and a good diet are lost.

We normally have many naturally occurring bacteria in our mouth. If the harmony of bacteria is disturbed, it increases chances of oral and dental problems. Our diet is the main factor that determines maintenance of this harmony. What we eat, when we eat is vital.

When we eat, the pH of saliva becomes acidic and continues to remain the same for a while. If one has a frequent snack (high sugar/high acid) intake , the environment remains acidic for a longer time. Acidic environment is detrimental for oral health.

  • Brush your teeth using proper brushing technique twice daily.
  • Rinse and gargle with water after every meal.
  • Floss daily to clean in between teeth.
  • Use a interdental brush, if advised by the dentist.
  • Stick to 3 meals a day and avoid intermittent snacking.
  • Plan a dental visit every 6 months for routine check up or as per dentist recommendation.
Foods like the following are beneficial for oral health :
  • Fibrous food – fruits and raw vegetables have good fibrous content.They keep teeth clean as they provide roughage and increase salivation.
  • Sugar free products – these do not contain sugar and increase salivation . This helps in creating an unfavourable environment for bacterial growth.
  • Sugar substitutes – sugar substitutes are better than sugar itself in preventing cavities
  • Water – replace sugary drinks or soda with still water. This not only helps oral health but also improves overall health.
At Smile N shine, we value the importance of maintaining good oral health and we strongly believe in promoting the same. A healthy and stable oral cavity depends on each individual’s dental condition and general health. We understand that each individual is different. Keeping this in mind, the dentist will be providing advice on oral hygiene instructions and healthy dietary habits depending on each person’s oral health, dental treatment required and systemic issues, if any.