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Exploring Invisalign – A Comprehensive Guide

A Better Option than Traditional Braces

For prior generations, the only way to get straighter teeth was through the use of braces. Conspicuous, unsightly, uncomfortable wire contraptions, traditional braces would leave you with a mouthful of metal that could make you feel more self-conscious than the crooked teeth. Today, there is a better option. Invisalign uses clear, nearly invisible aligners to straighten teeth without the discomfort, pain, and endless appointments of traditional braces. Still, some people wonder how Invisalign works, and whether it lives up to the hype. Here, we offer a guide to Invisalign to answer your questions and help you determine if this treatment option is right for you.

What Exactly Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an innovative system that straightens teeth through the use of removable, clear aligners. The aligners let Invisalign guide the teeth into place discreetly and comfortably, without being visible to others. This is great news for people who worry that metal braces might affect their appearance.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign treatment uses a series of trays to gradually shift your teeth into place, over time. Once your dentist determines that Invisalign is right for you, he or she will take x-rays, photos, and 3D digital scans of your teeth. Once there is a complete digital representation of your teeth and gums, a customised treatment plan will be designed, and aligners will be manufactured to perfectly fit into your mouth and begin to shift your teeth. By applying controlled force to different parts of your teeth, each new set of aligners will move your teeth a little bit more, until they reach the desired result.

How long does it take Invisalign to straighten teeth?

During your treatment, you will receive a new set of aligners about every two weeks. The length of the treatment varies, since the treatment plans are customised to meet their needs. Patient’s compliance factors into successful treatment, and can shorten or lengthen the amount of time it takes to straighten teeth. Typically, it takes between 6 and 12 months to straighten teeth, which is a far shorter time than treatment takes with traditional braces. Additionally, because braces are not hiding your teeth, you will notice results very quickly, usually after only a few months of treatment.

How do I maintain my Invisalign aligners?

You will need to wear your aligners 22 hours a day, only removing them when you eat, drink hot/ sugary beverages, or brush your teeth. It’s very important to clean your teeth thoroughly after every meal, in order to keep from being trapped under your aligners. Invisalign aligners are held in place with attachments, which can become stained if you do not thoroughly brush your teeth. You cannot smoke when you have Invisalign, and you must clean them diligently to keep them in good condition. Every four to six weeks, you will need to visit the dentist for a progress check and to get new aligners.

How do I clean the aligners?

Regularly cleaning your aligners will help prevent bacteria buildup and odours. Talk to your orthodontist about how to clean your aligner trays, but typically, all that is required is a soft-bristled toothbrush and water. Toothpaste is not generally recommended because it can damage the trays and cause the plastic to become cloudy.

What Does Invisalign Correct?

Here’s a testament to how Invisalign works: overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, overcrowding, and gaps can all be corrected using this method. Of course, there are some issues that Invisalign cannot treat, and some people are not suitable candidates. Your dentist can assess your teeth, your health, and your lifestyle, to determine if you will be willing and able to keep the trays in for at least 22 hours each day.

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At Smile n Shine, we have been creating beautiful smiles for the last 70 years. Previously known as Cousins Dental Practice, we’re one of the oldest dental practices in the Newbury Town Centre, and our practice is conveniently located, easily accessible by bus and railway. Recently, our practice has had a makeover, focusing primarily on providing our patients with new, well-equipped treatment rooms, as well as a pleasant ambience. Our team has the experience, artistic skills, and education necessary to give you a healthy mouth and a confident smile, positively altering the way you look and feel about yourself. Our dentists and nurses are governed by the General Dental Council and the practice as a whole by the Care Quality Commission, and we take great care of all the Personal Data we hold, to ensure we comply with best professional practices and with the law. Our makeover has upgraded our ambiance, but we have also added new services, extending our patient care to include Invisalign, Smile fast veneers, Aligners, Implants, Facial Aesthetics, and intravenous sedation, in addition to the conservative, preventative, and cosmetic services we have always provided.

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If you are ready to take the first step toward your dream smile, it’s time to book an appointment at Smile n Shine dental practice. We offer a free no commitment Invisalign consultation to help our patients understand more about Invisalign. Smile n Shine offers UK’s leading dental payment plan, Denplan Essential, Denplan Kids and Denplan Care, and we have recently introduced a 0% interest-free finance option at our practice. We take part in clinical governance and have quality assurance systems in place to help maintain our high quality of patient care and we are always delighted to welcome new families into our practice. To learn more about all we have to offer or to make an appointment, call 0163543170 or contact us through our website.